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15 Best Yoga Pants 2021

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Whether you’re into fitted or flowing, fashion-forward or basic black, we’ve rounded up the looks so you can Namaste, your way. 

Is there any wardrobe staple that works harder than yoga pants? While absolutely essential for all your downward dogs and warrior poses, they’re also just amazing go-to’s for getting on with daily life. But while not all yoga pants are created equal, if you find a pair you love, you might never want to take them off.

Here’s our guide to the best ones out there.

Best all-rounder

Amazon’s number one bestseller in women’s sports pants, these leggings prove that quality doesn’t have to come at a price. Made from an ultrafine fibre that is meant to feel like silk (and according to a bunch of happy reviewers, it does) the leggings come in a bunch of different colours and patterns and have handy phone pockets.

One happy buyer said, “These pants are by far the most comfortable activewear leggings I own. The high waist gives you that all tucked away feeling and it doesn’t fall down. The fabric is soft and stretchy and great to lounge around or even sleep in.”

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The most popular yoga pant on sale at fashion house The Iconic, these leggings are high waisted and will stay up perfectly no matter how many sun salutations you perform. They have cool perforated contrast panels on the legs with compression fabric, to keep you all tucked in.

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Lorna Jane’s best seller is popular for a reason, with a soft and supportive high waist which is available with or without a supportive fold-over. The fabric is soft yet thick (so there’s no risk of any VPL) and currently has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

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If leggings aren’t your thing, maybe you’ll like these yoga capris from cult UK activewear brand, Sweaty Betty. With hip pockets, an elasticised waist and cuffed ankles, they’re sleek and stylish with a little more room to move than traditional leggings might provide.

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These pants are a fantastic staple – I have them in two different colours and wear them not just for studio work but also just for everyday, WFH life. They’re designed specifically for yoga, with sweat-wicking and have added Lycra fibre so you can stretch and bend every way you need.

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Best for winter workouts

These cheap and cheerful tights come in nine different colours and designs and, with super warm fleece lining, should be a staple in your winter activewear wardrobe. With a coin/key pocket at the back, they’re perfect for the studio, the park or your home office. One reviewer said, “the beautiful print design hides a multitude of sins and So.Warm.And.Cuddly… Highly recommend these for cool morning walks or for just hanging around at home when you need something snug.

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With over 5000 positive ratings and an average of 4.5/5 stars, these leggings come in a dozen different colours and are beloved by pretty much everyone who has bought them. With a four-way stretch, they also have a brushed fleece lining that keeps you cosy all winter long, whatever you’re doing, with a high waistband giving you extra tummy control. “These leggings are perfect! Just the right fit everywhere! Perfect for winter boot camp,” said one reviewer, while another agreed, “These are fantastic leggings. They are warm and good quality. I wore them all last winter and they didn’t stretch out or fall apart.”

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Best inexpensive

With 19 different colours to choose from, these sleek and stylish tights are super supportive and flattering. Slim fitting and cropped to just the right height to show off your ankle, they’re also made from moisture-wicking fabric and have a handy side pocket for your phone.

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These compression-fit leggings are made of super-light HeatGear fabric which wicks sweat and dries really fast. It also contains anti-odor technology which means you won’t be smelling while you’re sweating. They have plenty of great reviews on site, with one user calling them “my go-to leggings,” adding, “They are so comfortable and great for yoga and pilates. Very reasonable price and quality is fantastic.”

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Made from 72% Nylon and 28% Elastane, these are light-weight and breathable and perfect for wicking sweat and keeping you cool and odour free. They come in a bunch of different colours which can be easily matched with the rest of your outfit.

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Best fashion

I love my basic black leggings, but I also like mixing it up a little, especially if I’m going straight from yoga or pilates to run errands. This pair is 7/8 in length with a high-waisted rise and compression fabric, with a back phone pocket to make it easy to leave the house with nothing but the clothes on your back(side).

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Super high waisted but with generous stretch, these leggings will support you through any class and keep you feeling trim and taut with their compression performance, moisture-wicking fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles. (So you can feel EXTRA good about your workout…) This also has the crucial side slip pocket for keeping everything you need close at hand.

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With a matching bralette, these leggings are thick for zero transparency yet with their four-way stretch are lightweight and soft to wear and suit every body. Moisture-wicking and breathable, they’ll happily take you to yoga or school drop off or even the movies. You do you.

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Best maternity

Made with soft, stretch fabric – just perfect for all-day wear – these leggings are designed to be worn over your bump and will grow with you and support your return to exercise after having your baby. With a side pocket (essential, in my mind) you can go straight from your pregnancy yoga to lunch to the shops with only your phone.

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When you’re pregnant, leggings are life. So you don’t want something JUST for yoga – you want something to wear to yoga and then never take off… because you’re pregnant and all you want to do is be comfortable. I wore a similar brand of LJ Maternity leggings when I was pregnant and they were fantastic. Soft and comfortable and most importantly – stylish – which is actually important when you feel as big as a house. Lorna Jane has a great range of maternity leggings available, made with the same breathable, moisture-wicking, stretchable fabric as their regular yoga pants.

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Do I need “special” pants for Yoga and Pilates?

No, of course you don’t. Activewear is activewear, and as long as it’s good quality, breathes easily and you can move freely in it, that’s all that matters. But there’s no doubt that pants that are specially designed for yoga and pilates may give you a bit more freedom of movement and a bit more flexibility than others.

What fabrics should I be looking for?

Yoga pants are usually made from organic or non-organic cotton, bamboo and cotton-synthetic blends. Bamboo is a great choice because it’s moisture-wicking and regulates temperature well – so it keeps you both hot and cold as needed. It’s also soft to wear and durable, so it’ll last longer than some other fibres. Tencel is a fabric that is man-made to mimic bamboo, so that’s another option if you like the feel bamboo gives you. Otherwise cotton is a great go-to, as cotton is soft and comfortable and stretches easily. It is, however, highly absorbent, so if you’re doing a particularly active session – like hot yoga – it might not be the best choice as it’ll get clingier as you sweat. If you want synthetic material, nylon and polyester are good choices as they wick away moisture and help your skin breathe better. If your yoga pants contain spandex or lycra they’ll also likely hold their shape for longer.

How can I make my yoga pants go the distance?

Always check the washing instructions before you go and chuck your yoga pants in the machine – some fabrics (like bamboo) might require a cold or a hand wash. But either way, it’s always a good idea to give your activewear a quick hand wash in cold water first which will prevent colour bleed and shrinkage. And it’s usually a good idea to skip the dryer and opt for air-drying.

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