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A British Man Took Stock of His Life After a Heart Attack. His Epiphany Resonated in a Big Way.

“I relate, bro,” wrote a self-described entrepreneur from Nigeria who said he had sold his multiple cars and homes to lead a happier, more “Spartan” life. “Bro, welcome to the real life. Now you’ll truly, truly live.”

Others offered him tips on how to lose weight — Mr. Frostick also vowed to drop 15 kilograms — or asked him to appear on their podcasts so he might share his story with their listeners.

Mr. Frostick did not immediately respond to a message for comment.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Mr. Frostick, a father of three young children, said that during the pandemic he and his colleagues had spent a “disproportionate amount of time on Zoom calls.”

Before the heart attack, Mr. Frostick had been working 12-hour days, he said, missing his colleagues and suffering from the isolation of working from home.

“We’re not able to have those other conversations off the side of a desk or by the coffee machine, or take a walk and go and have that chat,” Mr. Frostick told Bloomberg. “That has been quite profound, not just in my work, but across the professional-services industry.”

HSBC did not immediately respond to a message for comment.

On Wednesday, Mr. Frostick thanked the thousands of people who had written him and wrote that he was now able to move around his house for two to three hours at a time.

Later, he wrote another post that indicated he had moved from soul-searching to trying to answer profound philosophical questions.

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