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Bardz & Dan Turley Reveal Single “Save Myself” Off Forthcoming EP

Southern California-born BARDZ has teamed up with rising vocalist Dan Turley for a dynamic EP called ‘Burn Bright’ that tracks their trajectories through the entertainment industry. The project’s first single, “Save Myself,” is an emotional slice of electronic catharsis that lays the foundation for a compelling project in its entirety. “Save Myself” seamlessly blends vocal chops, guitar sounds, and sensational melodies to result in an equally spectacular song.

The duo explains this song is about:

the weight of creative burnout affecting your lifestyle; poor choices begin to wear on you, slipping away from the person you used to be. This new lifestyle is changing you for the worse, and you need out. Nobody can help you, so you must save yourself. And with this realization, the story turns, finding the power to do so within yourself.

Check out “Save Myself” below!

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