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Big N Slim Teams with Decadon, Nightbird to Offer Metalstep Single ‘What I’ve Become’ [LISTEN]

Big N Slim and joins forces with Decadon and metal-inspired bass artist, Nightbird, to deliver their third single of the year, “What I’ve Become.”

Decadon has earned a name for himself as a bass producer and, for those unfamiliar, Nightbird is a French dubstep producer, whose metal rock influences are a hallmark of his productions.

The track pairs melodic bass with metal rock to create a song that offers moments of outright anger, followed by calmer, downcast moments. The fusion of bass and metal rock elements creates the perfect storm of anger and sadness that reflects the emotions and identity crisis of the track’s title.

The song starts with a gloomy melody before introducing emo vocals which evolve into the screaming vocals that metal rock is known for. The first drop of the song offers metallic dubstep,. The second breakdown offers a much more euphoric take, with a progressive melodic bass drop that will make you ~feel things~.

The release is the third of the year for Big N Slim and constitutes their second independent release of 2021. The track is Decadon’s first work of 2021, following his previous release, The Don EP. 

Listen here!

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