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Catherine’s caught it – FIT IS A FEMINIST ISSUE

It seems like everyone is talking about or doing cold water swimming. Of course, it’s been around for a long time (pretend I’ve inserted links here to historical polar bear swims in many places and times and locations). Sam just posted this morning about the siren call of the cold water that she’s hearing. Diane’s actually doing it, as well as guest blogger Lynette.

Once our crack administrative team at Fit is a Feminist Issue Headquarters has fixed on dates for our upcoming FIFI book club on Why We Swim, by Bonnie Tsui, I’ll be posting more information. We would love it if you wanted to join us in reading the book, and even posting some of your comments and sharing your experiences of swimming (in water of any temperature).

In the meantime, here are my current plans for cold-water-swimming-according-to-me:

Last Monday, I spontaneously dipped toes, then ankles, then almost-to-knees in the coldish water of Walden Pond on a warm spring day. I can’t find into on the water temps that day, but I’m thinking low 50sF/10-11c). Some swimmers in wetsuits were out in the water. Here’s documentation of my progress:

As I said, it was a lovely day.

The shimmering water of Walden Pond on a partly sunny, warm spring day.

This week, there are several warmish days. I’m going to be following the advice in Sam’s post and doing some slow dips/immersions/something, probably accompanied by squealing. I’ll wear a bathing suit or maybe bike shorts and sports bra. There’s a nice bathroom nearby for changing into warm dry clothes. Will report back (obvs).

Wish me luck!

Readers, what are your outdoor swimming activities like right now? Are you considering dipping toes in, waiting until warmer weather, already in a routine of swimming? We’d love to hear from you.

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I’m a feminist public health ethicist (yes, that’s a thing). I’m interested in heath behavior change, particularly around eating and activity, and how things other than knowledge affect our health decisions.I’m also a cyclist (road, sort-of-off-road, commuter), regular yoga-doer, occasional swimmer and kayaker and leisurely social walker.
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