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Dealing with Low-Vibrational Entities during Reiki

Today I will refer to three experiences I’ve had during my practice, experiences that I will never forget. These three experiences show clearly that the knowledge we gather during our Reiki training courses is most probably not enough to handle some situations we may be confronted with during our activity, some knowledge “out of the Reiki box” being necessary.


The first experience that took place about eight years ago was with a friend of mine with very strong sentient capacities (premonitions, astral travel, etc). As she was suffering from a knee problem and anxiety, I decided to offer her some Reiki treatments and scheduled an appointment for a Saturday afternoon.

When I was in the temples position, she started to incorporate, and you can imagine the way I’ve felt. I tried to clean her with several Reiki Symbols – CKR, DKM (Usui), and even the HSZSH, some indoctrination of the spirit – but nothing resulted. I have to confess that I forgot to use the DKM (Tib). Fortunately, together with her (as it was not her first time that happened) and using the prayer “Our Father”, we succeeded in overcoming the experience.

Invoking Archangel Mikael & “I Am the One Who Is”

The second experience was with a sales manager with some sentient capacities.
As a rule, during the first session, I make a full assessment of the client’s condition, including the reason for requiring Reiki; marital status; academic background, medical condition, etc. (a full anamnesis).

During our conversation he said that very often used to feel depleted of energy, tense and that his working capacity was, recently, being affected more than “usual” and attributed that to the negative influences he usually felt. Due to the negative influences he recurrently felt, he used to be seen by someone (he didn’t explain what was her “area of work”) who had recommended him to have some Reiki treatments.

While I was talking, he yawned and burped frequently and was restless; also, when I mentioned that he needed to learn some protection and cleaning techniques, he contorted several times, burped, and showed discomfort (that indicated to me that he was most probably under the negative influence of some obsession).

As soon as I placed my hands over his face, he arched, burped, and contorted several times. When dealing with dense energies, I have the habit to draw several DKM (Tib) in the aura, which I did but with no results. So, I decided to speak with the entity using a calm, firm and paused voice.

I said several times: “we are in my working space, I respect you and want you to respect me; also, I don’t want you here, so please, go away and let me do my work”. As my words had no result, I decided to invoke Archangel Mikael by repeating several times “I Am Mikael”. This had some result and I decided to ask, also, for higher protection repeating several times “I Am The One Who Is”, and the “dance” then stopped. Till the end of the treatment, things repeated and I used, again, the phrase “I Am The One Who Is” to have things back on track.

The following day, the client returned and we had the repetition of what had happened during the first treatment, but to a lesser extent. On the third day, the session was quite peaceful. We had several sessions afterward but once in a while we had some “hiccups” easily solved by requesting the presence to go away and leave us alone.

Since the attacks are recurrent, to a smaller or less extent, he follows regular treatments to keep things under control.

Dealing with Low-Vibrational Entities during Reiki

Sending into the Light

The third experience I had was something I really wasn’t expecting at all.
The client was a girl in her mid-forties that showed no particular evidence of any problem but reported that at a given moment she and her husband had decided to have a baby – a very, very strong desire she had. In the meantime, things went wrong between them and they divorced; the event was for her a very strong emotional blow and never again she had the possibility to fulfill her strong desire of being a mother.

After her divorce, she started having several problems in her life. Nothing went right, life was a mess, all relations had a very short duration and, at a given moment, she had attempted to commit suicide. This unstable situation had lasted for eight years before she came to me.

After our conversation, I anticipated that things could run the same way as they did with the second experience reported above. Nothing had prepared me for what happened next. As soon as I’ve put my hands over her face, she lifted from the table and stood steadily up at forty-five degrees, although she was not of the athletic type, and started arching in despair with eyes wide open. She seemed to have transfigured.

It was evident for me that she had an entity inside her and I started to speak with him/her, saying that everything was alright, that he/she didn’t need to fear anything because no one wanted to hurt him/her, and that there was no reason to have his/her host harmed.

Afterward, she laid back in peace but soon the problems started again. I spoke again with the entity, cleaned energies, and after a few moments, she calmed down but we faced problems again shortly after. The third time things happened, and in order to avoid eventual physical problems or some heart condition, I had to ask for the help of a colleague (who works with Angelic energies), and together we managed to direct the entity to the Light. Afterward, the session ran peacefully.

Curiously and strangely, the entity she had within her was a child, and the only reason I can consider for that to have happened is that her very strong desire to be a mother caused a soul to prepare to incarnate and remain within her after she didn’t get pregnant.

After the traumatic and at the same time liberating experience she had, we did some sessions to balance her energies and now she leads a full and happy life.

Other Experiences with Low-Vibrational Entities

Although not related to Reiki, several years ago I had two strange experiences with entities, both in my country house during summer holidays. One bright and sunny day I stepped into the kitchen (the second time the same thing happened while I was in the bathroom) and was confronted with a very unpleasant smell; I have difficulty describing, not exactly of a rotten animal but similar to the smell of a burning PVC lining in a hot electric wire or a mixture of the two. At the same time, a chill went down my spine and hairs erected. That indicated to me that I was in the presence of a very negative and unpleasant entity, eventually harmful, what or whom, I don’t know.

Standing firmly (although with chills running down my spine), I started repeating, “I am Mikael, I don’t want you here, I am under the protection of God, I respect you, I want respect, I don’t want to do any harm to you, I Am the One Who Is, God protects me, go to the Light” … and, at a given moment, the smell disappeared.

A third event took place in the Azores. I was in the room I use for the Reiki training courses and the owner of the space, a very sensitive person, came to me for help as she was sensing an unpleasant presence in her house that she was unable to get rid of. As soon as I entered the house, hairs erected and chills started running down my spine but there was no unpleasant smell, only a presence. Using the same “methodology”, the DKM (Tib) and the seven herbs incense, I succeeded in cleaning the house.

It is very important to show respect for the entity in our presence, to act firmly but in a humble way, we should try to hide, as much as possible, our fear and never show arrogance, as an arrogant posture will certainly bring problems. Respect is the key! If I respect, I want respect back.

I won’t say that things will always be “easy”. Some prayers, special incenses (like the seven herbs) might be necessary, as well as the help of others, but the affirmation, “I Am the One Who Is” is a very powerful one.

Article by João Antão Marques

João Antão Marques
João Antão Marques

João Antão Marques, a retired chemical engineer, is an Usui Tibetan Reiki Master/teacher living in Lisbon, Portugal, with training in Jikiden Reiki, Karuna® Reiki and Seichim, Lotus Light Jewel, Tibetan Bowls Massage and Therapy of Past Lives. Works as a volunteer with elder people in a Daily Center of the Portuguese Red Cross and has also worked with drugs and alcohol addicted. Recently undertook a study of the effects of Reiki in people affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis. João can be reached by mail at

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