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Finding Meaning In Challenging Times

Once we start realizing how many institutions, companies and government bodies do not work from the mindset of what is best for humanity and the Earth, we may be astounded.

These include:

  • Companies propagating health while selling toxins and addictive drugs
  • Businesses selling food contaminated by chemicals or not containing healthy ingredients at all
  • Medical professionals being paid by pharmaceutical companies
  • Politicians and media companies who have been bought by big business
  • Celebrities being involved in abusive behaviour

When we discover the scale at which this is going on, we might freak out for a while. We can protest, doing our best to expose the corruption, and that in itself certainly brings more awareness for others. Some who see the commotion and read the exposing information might think, “Hey, is there actually something wrong there?”

But once the penny has dropped, it may be time to stop arguing and pushing against what is. These institutions do not change. They have grown like this, and only benefit from staying this way. Corrupt, hypocritical and out-for-profit, over the head of humanity.

Yes, it is true. No, the political and judiciary bodies are probably not going to save us. An outside authority or messiah is not going to save us. And they are not meant to.

No outside force to rescue us

The idea of an outside force coming in to rescue us is also an outdated one: the archetypal hero or parental figure (be it a deity, a famous person or an institution) coming to make it all better.

The intention of this situation is that we mature psychologically and spiritually, and take responsibility for our own creations, because we have all manifested this reality together.

Instead of pushing against what we do not want, which produces more of the same and a lot of frustration, we can choose to manifest what we do want to create. New. On a clean basis. Taking responsibility for ourselves.

When we resist the reality of what is, we resist the whole universe. Companies and institutions run by unscrupulous people are not going to change anytime soon. Perhaps never.

When we are confronted with the reality of “evil” “in this world, and I mean in all its intensity, we might initially be quite shocked.

We can reclaim our energy from them by providing them with as little nutrition as possible. Giving them as little attention as possible. Buying as little from them as possible. Taking care of our health with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, as well as natural remedies and therapies. Establishing new schools, alternative media and alternative health companies, growing our own food.

Of course, it is necessary to speak our truth and shed light on what is not right; shine the light of truth on all deceit, all corruption. But there comes a point when it is important to let it go. Otherwise, we will continue to roll in the toxic mud, and that will not get us any further.

What does work is to shine the light of consciousness on it and keep walking by standing tall, reclaiming our power and taking responsibility for our own happiness. Creating more of what we do want to see. Creating from love, passion, enthusiasm. This is how we create a new world—not out of resistance to the old one, but from a higher frequency. The frequency of the new.

However, when we are confronted with the reality of “evil” “in this world, and I mean in all its intensity, we might initially be quite shocked. One illusion after another is shattered. Governmental bodies, big companies, institutions, celebrities and household names are not what they appeared to be. The complete foundation of our “normal” world, our familiar “reality” is tilting, shifting, shattering.

It is comparable to waking up and realizing you have been in an abusive relationship with a narcissist for years.

Fight, flight, freeze

How can we best deal with this?

When we as human beings have to deal with these kinds of intense issues, we can go into shock at first. We freeze. Our mind literally stops dead in its tracks.

People often respond with one of the well-known reactions: fight, flight or freeze. These are primitive reactions of our system that we can barely control. Usually, we initially tend towards one of the three.

For example, I first go into fighting mode when I am confronted with a severe stressor. Only after the danger has passed do I experience shock. Once I have shaken off the shock, emotion surfaces. Other people go into freeze or flight mode first: they dissociate and simply are not there anymore. Only after they come back to full consciousness does the anger and grief come up to be processed.

With these mechanisms, it is important to realize that they are instinctual responses for survival. They are involuntary. To grow above our instinctive responses and to walk the path of the soul when we are faced with severe challenges, it is important to release the shock: consciously exhale the shock’s energy, or vibrate it out of the body by moving, shaking, stamping our feet, kicking our legs or dancing. Then we can reconnect with our bodies and our feelings.

When we are reconnected with our body and our feelings, and work through those feelings, we can consciously connect with our true being, our higher self, our soul, the Source. When we do that, not only do we stand firm in the eye of the storm, we can also experience the higher meaning of the event.

Some examples: When confronted, in real life or via social media, with the horror scenarios that take place in the world, either real or as a future projection, we can freeze with fear, try and fight it out of anger or flee into anything that distracts us. Spiritual flights of fancy, movies, drugs, endless scrolling on social media, food, you name it. Anything that provides an escape from reality.

But fighting the unwanted ultimately sustains it. That which we resist pushes back just as hard.

Pushing against evil does not work. Evil exists, it is part of duality. Freezing does not help either, it traps you and makes you a helpless victim. Fleeing will not help either—when we flee, we are trying to escape from the reality of what is—dark and light—and we are not present in the here and now.

If we acknowledge our instinctive response—fight, flight or freeze—we can go one step further. By breathing through our instinctive response, daring to feel the underlying emotion—fear, anger, sadness, pain—and listening to what it has to tell us, we can evolve beyond survival mode.

Observe without fear, pain or judgment

A question we might ask ourselves is: Are there any old experiences with associated beliefs from our childhood or past lives that are affected by current events?

Certainly, in this current upheaval, traumas can be triggered that are so old that they go back to the Second World War, Atlantis, Lemuria or even the primal trauma of the very first incarnation. To resolve the shock, pain, fear and anger, it may be necessary to revisit these past lives or childhood experiences to heal and release them.

When we have released the pain and have resolved the emotions, it is easier to view the situation from the perspective of Source and our soul. What is going on here? What is the higher purpose of this? Observe. Without fear, without judgment, without pain. I like to meditate on these questions with high-frequency crystals, such as Arkansas or Brandberg crystal.

If we can view the process on Earth from the vision of the Source and our soul, we see something completely different than when we look from the more limited and fear-or-pain-coloured vision of the personality, wounded past lives or the ego. Then we can see that something very special is taking place.

What we can then see is that dark and light are involved in an eternal dance. The dark forces us to learn lessons that we otherwise would never have signed up for. The Light brings to consciousness what would otherwise have remained hidden and in the dark of the subconscious.

The Dark propels the birth of the Light. Paradoxically, it brings us to more awareness. And the Light brings the Dark to light. It is a cosmic dance that has the growth of the soul as its ultimate goal.

Is it intense? Hell yes. Is the Dark painful, and striving for destruction? Certainly. Can it really affect us? No, not really. By becoming aware of the Dark, what it does and how it works, we develop even more insight and awareness of the nature of our eternal Self.

By rediscovering, connecting to and manifesting our own Light without battling or denying the Darkness, we are establishing the frequency of the highest manifestation of our Highest Self on Earth.

And was that not the intention all this time?

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