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Reiki In Covid19 Vaccine Care

A friend of mine texted me asking for Reiki. She had had the Johnson & Johnson vaccine the day before and was feeling pretty terrible. Of course, I said yes, and was able to start right then and there (the timing was great for me). During the session she told me that she said, “Wow! I can feel it taking the edge off!”

I replied that all I was doing with the Reiki was giving her the love to encourage the body to integrate the information provided by the vaccine smoothly. She loved that approach. We both believe that Reiki is so powerful it can work with modern medicine!

Near the end of the session not only did she feel physically much better, and that the “impending doom feeling” was gone. It was powerful and wonderful. That might have been the best, most healing part, that emotional piece.

One thing that surprised me, is that this friend of mine is also Reiki Master trained. It hadn’t occurred to her to use distance Reiki before she received her vaccine. Thank goodness Reiki still works after, but you can use distance Reiki to prepare for the reception of your vaccine before you receive it.

Reiki In Covid19 Vaccine Care

I have done this with Moderna. I had a week to prepare so I sent Reiki every day to my dose, wherever it may be, so that it would be fully saturated in Reiki energy. I also sent Reiki to my body, as well as made sure to be well hydrated and well rested. I also lit Reiki candles during the week.

When it was time for me to go in and get my dose I was relaxed and carefree. My experience was painless with only mild discomfort when the receiving arm got bumped, or I tried to lay on it. Hahah. I also felt a little sleepy several hours later and the following day. So, that was my cue for me to run more Reiki and to allow myself to sleep and relax.

My friend had forgotten that she can use HSZSN not only for physical distance, but for a situation, or event, that happens in the future. Reiki is an amazing healing modality. I hope this story reminds you of the power of distance Reiki and inspires you to use it more in your life so you experience more grace and ease in all things.

Stay sane, safe, and well! And may all blessings bright and beautiful be yours.

Note: My friend gave me permission to anonymously share her story here.

Article by Ruth Renate “Lady of Radiant Joy” Davidson

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Ruth Renate “Lady of Radiant Joy” Davidson is a Reiki Master/Teacher who combines Reiki with other body-work, earth-based energy healing practices, and meditation. She loves working with her Divine Team and helping people connect with their Divine Team, including spirit animal guides. She teaches Tarot Energy Healing.
You can also connect with her on Instagram @ladyofradiantjoy and on her website Ruth’s soul vow is: “I Accept All Things for the Preservation, Healing, and Growing, of LOVE.”

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