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Reiki Tips: How Do I Restart My Practice After A Break?

Reiki trainings can feel magical as we discover a gift that we always had, but perhaps didn’t know about. During the Reiki 1, 2 or 3 trainings, we may fall in love with hands-on-healing, the Precepts, chanting, or a particular meditation. Many of us have thought to ourselves “I found my practice! Reiki is going to be a part of my everyday!” But as soon as we return to our daily work and personal commitments, we may lose track of time. We may lose sight of our intentions and never develop the daily practice that we initially envisioned. If you’re looking to restart your self-Reiki practice, here are a few tips to feel inspired again.

  1. Forgiveness

Forgive yourself for losing your practice in the first place. Many of us are afraid to begin a new regimen because we carry the shame, and regret of ever stepping away from it. However, the true evolution of our consciousness lies in us accepting our humanness. Gift yourself the opportunity to try again, and break free from any shame or guilt. Recognize that there is more growth in practice than in perfection. We are likely to learn more about ourselves, and develop compassion in the process of finding our balance again, than if we never lost our balance.

  1. You have all that you need

Once you’ve been attuned to Reiki, you don’t need to repeat it even if decades have passed since your last one. You have the ability to channel healing energy with your intentions, breath, and focus. On the other hand, if receiving an attunement inspires you or motivates you to practice again, you may wish to find a Reiki Master Teacher that you connect with.

  1. Carve out the time in your schedule

Reflect on how frequently and how long you wish to practice for. Consider whether you’re a morning person or evening person, and how that impacts your practice. My general guideline would be to intend for 2 practices a day that are 10-15 minutes long, or 1 longer practice that is 20-30 minutes long. You might also want to aim for a longer practice once a week. Once you’ve reflected on the frequency and length of your desired Reiki practice, it’s time to schedule it in! You will be much more likely to show up, practice, and celebrate your growth with a dedicated time in your schedule that’s exclusive to Reiki.

  1. Consider Your Focus

Now that you have your time and focus for Reiki, consider what elements of the healing modality you’re interested in committing to. Do you feel drawn to chanting, Joshin Kokyu Ho, or reciting the Gokai? There are numerous ways to practice Reiki in addition to hands-on-healing. You may want to paint the symbols, practice Byosen Scanning, or journal your thoughts around the Precepts. Let your focus change slowly over time, keeping some structure to your practice but also bringing a flexible mind.

Reiki Tips: How Do I Restart My Practice After A Break?
  1. Connect with Others on this Path

When learning a new set of skills, or embarking on a spiritual path, it’s incredibly helpful to have a community that you can engage with. Ideally, you want to be able to share your experiences, ask questions, and continue learning from peers. See if you can find a Reiki share near you, join a Facebook group, or start a virtual circle. Since many of us don’t feel comfortable discussing our spiritual and intuitive gifts openly, finding a safe space either in-person or online can create feelings of belonging, and oneness.

  1. Schedule a session with an energy healer if that inspires you

Even if you’ve been attuned and trained in Reiki, you can continue to receive support from your peers. In fact, receiving Reiki from other practitioners can help purify and bless your field in times when you may feel disconnected from your light. Healers must continue to nurture their body, mind and spirit, whether they are practicing Reiki for others or solely themselves. Listen to your inspiration if it guides you to receiving healing from another practitioner, and let yourself feel held.

  1. Ask your teacher for Reiju or find a circle near you that offers Reiju

Reiju is a spiritual blessing and attunement that Dr. Usui gave to his students on a regular basis. He shared the importance of clearing your energy field and receiving transmissions on a consistent basis. Reiju offers a glimpse into enlightenment, which motivates us to keep our practice up. Finding a teacher that offers Reiju is also a way to honor the traditions of the system.

  1. Stay open to learning

The Reiki trainings are a part of the journey, rather than destinations. They open up a path of self-awareness, that we can embark upon for a lifetime. You may wish to continue learning from teachers of various lineages, through books, podcasts, and online courses. They can help refresh your memory and inspire your practice.

  1. Track your progress

Keeping a log of your experiences can be a way to celebrate your effort and evolution. You may wish to jot down what you practiced, how you felt before and after the practice, and any intuitive sensations, messages, or feelings you had. The process of writing down our experiences helps us to trust and validate our connection with Reiki.

  1. Exchange with Reiki friends

When working with my students, I often hear them say that they would like to hold sessions for others once they feel confident in their abilities. My response is always, “The more you exchange with others, the more you will receive feedback that will soften the voice of your self-doubt, and help you to improve your skills over time.” Once you have a grounding meditation and hands-on-healing practice for yourself, you may want to offer healing to family, and friends. Practicing Reiki on others gifts us many learning opportunities that are worthy of exploration.

If you’re feeling inspired to go deeper into your practice, I invite you to practice intuitive Byosen scanning, Joshin Kokyu Ho, water blessing, and more in the free 5 Day – Empower the Reiki Healer Challenge! Trust that inner guidance and allow yourself to show up one day at a time. Get clear on the intentions for your practice, and embrace a community that supports you in your journey. Before you know it, you’ll have a Reiki routine that supports your inner wellbeing.

Article by Parita Shah

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Parita Shah
Parita Shah

Parita Shah practices Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Akashic Record healing to help clients connect to their truest essence. Parita became interested in Reiki and Meditation when she realized that the stress of her health issues was causing more health issues. She was determined to break the cycle and find her center in the midst of health flares and life transitions. She quickly learned that her health journey was a pathway into her purpose – helping others heal through the mind and body connection. She offers energy healing sessions, training and events, both distantly and in New York. She is also the author of Chakra Unearthing: 180+ Journal Prompts for Self-Awakening.
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