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‘She is part of a very elite group

TEXARKANA, Texas — Texarkana native and gymnast Joscelyn Roberson has done something that only seven or eight gymnasts 15 and under accomplish across the United States.

Roberson, 15, qualified for the 2021 U.S. Junior Women’s National Team. Roberson trains at North East Texas Elite Gymnastics under coaches Lloyd and Amy White, and Kory White Pemberton.

“Joscelyn has been extremely excited to be here,” Lloyd White said. “She is part of a very elite group. This has been one of her dreams since she was 5 years old. Being here with the best gymnasts in the world and getting to work out side by side with them has been an awesome experience for her.

“She has a very large amount of God-given talent. She is small in stature, extremely strong, extremely quick and is a fast-twitch muscle athlete. Combine those things together, and she has the perfect body build for gymnastics. Additionally, she is extremely intelligent, very focused and very determined. Joscelyn has a goal and wants to go get it.”

Roberson will compete at the USA National Championships in June in Fort Worth, Texas. She would love to win but placing in the top three would be an incredible accomplishment.

Next on Roberson’s goal agenda is to qualify for the Junior Pan American Games on Sept. 9-19 in Cali, Colombia. The games will showcase 313 events in 27 sports.

“After the Pan American Games, she will turn 16 in February of next year and that will put her in the senior division,” Lloyd White said. “She can qualify for any number of international competitions. Eventually, that can lead her to the 2024 Olympics in Paris.”

Roberson has been training with the Whites at North East Texas Elite Gymnastics for 10 years. She started when she was 5 years old.

“I have enjoyed watching her grow as a person,” Amy White said. “She has a beautiful heart. When Joscelyn is very focused, she wants everyone to do well; that is a true sweetheart of a person. God gave her a special talent for that.

“She is a hard worker and enjoys the sport of gymnastics. She is very mature for her age and always has been.”

Roberson trains 30-35 hours per week (close to the number of hours for a full-time adult worker) in the gym. She has been working that long in the gym for about eight years.

Back on Feb. 28, Roberson competed at the 2021 Winter Cup held over the weekend at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

The superstar gymnast from Texarkana, Texas, placed first on the balance beam with a score of 13.8, third on the floor exercise with a 12.85 and second overall with a 51.150. Her performance cemented her a spot on the 2021 U.S. Junior Women’s National Team.

“She is very driven and knows what she wants,” Lloyd White said. “She knows what it takes to get what she wants. She doesn’t mind the hard work, and she doesn’t let the hard work stop her.”

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