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Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw are Launching a Pre and Postnatal Pilates Program!

“Throughout my pregnancy I’ve had so many beautiful mums-to-be reach out for advice on how to exercise safely. Keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy has such incredible benefits for you and your baby but understanding which exercises you can and can’t do can be really overwhelming. KICBUMP celebrates the amazing female body and the incredible things we CAN do. It’s allowed me to maintain my strength with peace of mind knowing that each exercise has a physio’s tick of approval. I’ve literally tried each and every movement and meditation and I’m so excited to share this with our KIC community,” says Steph Claire Smith.

The Prenetal part of the program will be guided by KIC’s very own Pilates instructor and mum-to-be, Christina Traychevska, focusing on building and maintaining strength throughout pregnancy, while the postnatal part will guide new mothers to return to exercise safely and minimise injuries with a 10-week step-by-step guide led by Mari Yammas,.

“Obviously we have an online health and wellness program so for me it just kind of made sense. I saw so many articles online with polarising opinions, I just felt a little overwhelmed by it, to be honest,” Steph told Women’s Health on how the program came about. “I think one thing I learnt about being pregnant and speaking to other pregnant women is that we want to be told what we can do, and not focusing on the things we can’t do – because that’s the messaging I saw online.”

“Once you’re pregnant, all you read is that you can’t do this, you can’t do that. It just just felt so restrictive. When actually, it’s a beautiful moment in our life. It’s an incredible thing what our body is going through. There is still so much that you can do. It’s also so important to empower women to want to stay healthy, fit and strong during their pregnancy. Obviously, if they’re able to. That was kind of the whole idea behind KICBUMP.”

“We’ve got a bunch of educational videos as a part of the KICBUMP content that’s going in the app. Basically, to teach women the amazing movements that their body is capable of and to really empower them. To make sure that they continue to want to move their body. It’s the same with postnatal – it isn’t just about a training program, it’s more about building up your pelvic floor and your strength and empowering you before you get back into exercise.”

“We just hope that women feel really special and empowered and really good in their journey, no matter how it’s going for them. No matter how many of the workouts they can get through or how many they can’t. There’s something there for everyone to feel really empowered. We just hope that that’s how they feel when they’re watching the content.”

KICBUMP is launching on Mother’s Day, Sunday, 9th of May 2021.

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