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TikTok Butt Lifting Leggings Deal – Shop For $30 – Hollywood Life

Looking for a great butt lifting leggings deal? Look no further, because we found the exact same leggings going viral on TikTok.

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SEASUM’s high-waisted yoga pants are going viral on TikTok, and for good reason. They’re like a push-up bra — for your bum! Countless TikTok users have demonstrated just how effective these wonder leggings are at lifting your booty and giving it a much rounder and more voluptuous appearance (minus the work usually required for such results, but you can wear these leggings for your workouts, too). You can shop this amazing butt lifting leggings deal here for $27.99.

Transorm your booty now with SEASUM’s butt lifting leggings for $27.99.

So, what’s the magic behind these butt-lifting leggings? Nope, it’s not sorcery: the 3D aspect of the leggings’ unique honeycomb texture creates the illusion of a larger bum. This is also a classic fashion hack: wear a loud print/pattern/texture on whatever part of the body you want to direct the most attention to! The 3D texture also covers cellulite, which can sometimes show through on smooth leggings (although this is a completely natural feature on all women — it’s just about whatever you’re most comfortable with).

SEASUM’s leggings also have a “skin tightening cut” on the backside, which splits right down the middle. This separates each cheek and gives them dimension (an important factor to consider when shopping for leggings — sometimes too thick of leggings will give you a mono-butt). The waistband also dips into a V-shape, adding even more dimension to your derriere. While these leggings are renowned for their butt enlargement abilities, they also do the opposite on the front and slim down your tummy thanks to their high-waisted cut.


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The leggings are made of polyester and spandex, which is especially clingy material to ensure that you look tight and toned — no loose fabric here! The material is also moisture-wicking, so it’ll prevent sweat from moving past the fabric and seeping into the skin. While these leggings will fit snugly, they’re still stretchy and soft. SEASUM offers a rainbow wheel of shades to choose from for these leggings: black, red, grey, navy, purple, blue, and so forth. These leggings are also designed for men to wear, too!


My confidence said 📈📈📈 in these leggings @devenchris IB: @melissametrano

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If you need visual proof of just how great this butt lifting leggings deal is, we’ve included a few TikToks for reference above. Devin Kolson (AKA, the “leggings queen”) compared SEASUM’s leggings with a pair of normal athletic leggings to show the drastic difference in a video that got over one million likes. These leggings have become such a hit on TikTok, a trend started of users trying on the yoga pants and filming their significant others’ reactions (we’ve also included a sample video above). These leggings aren’t just loved on TikTok, but on Amazon, too. You can look through the over 55,000 reviews, which have a 4.3 out of 5 average star rating, to see what we mean!

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